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Custom Brokerage

Amaral & Cia Consulting is made up of a team of highly-experienced customs brokers and entry writers.

Commercial Representation

We aim to assist companies involved in international trade, either in export or import, international logistics for release of foreign products in Brazilians market.

Market Analysis

Market assessment (an analysis of the major trends, competitors, and strategies for your industry);

Export to Brazil

If exporting to Brazil is a useful addition to your growth strategy, our specialized consultants will help


About us

AMARAL & CIA is a Brazilian company established to provide foreigners companies feasible options to expand their sales and create a market share in Brazil and South American countries...


ANVISA Consulting

With offices in Sao Paulo and Brasilia, we have helped many medical devices companies navigate the ANVISA regulatory process and start selling in Brazil. Here is how we can help...

An overview

A gigantic new market in which to sell your product and/or service sounds fantastic and is a great way to grow your business, but there are some risks involved. Conducting market analysis, understanding the market, preparing an export plan, making the right strategic choices and arranging to accommodate any additional capital requirements are all essential steps that you must take before committing to anything.

Conducting Market Analysis

Brazil has a population of over 204 million people and that's a huge market by anyone's standards. That said, the average income in Brazil is significantly lower than for example Australia. Australia has a PPP¹ per capita income of US$36,900 whilst Brazil's is US$14,500. This distorts even further when looking at the income distribution in Brazil which is heavily skewed to a relatively small percentage of the population.Understanding the Brazilian market

Understanding the Brazilian market

Developing a clear comprehension of the culture, customs and economic conditions of Brazil is essential to be a successful exporter to Brazil. Amaral & Cia Consulting provides an overview of these items and a quick online search will help to provide some more information. Austrade and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) also provide access to information on market and industry sectors, studies and economic reports about Brazil.

However visiting Brazil is still the best way to get an understanding of the market. Doing so enables you to speak with potential clients, partners or distributors, look at your competition and understand local distribution options and relative advantages. Visiting trade shows and events specific to your industry while in Brazil is a great way to get a feel for the local market and potential for your business to export.

Making the right strategic choices

Developing a solid business in Brazil will require a long-term commitment, but the benefits for your company can be substantial. Whilst already a large market, Brazil's economy continues to grow at a staggering rate and this provides ample reason for your business to address the market early and grow with it. Entering the Brazilian market should not be seen as a method of addressing sluggish sales in your local market (such as those brought on by the global economic crisis) as succeeding will require the dedication and commitment that only a long-term strategy can provide.

It's easy to get caught up in the hype of such a large market, however we generally recommend that new exporters to Brazil focus on specific regional areas to begin with. Sao Paulo state alone is a huge market, accounting for 45% of Brazil's GDP.

You may have to adapt your product, price and promotional campaigns to reflect conditions in Brazil, including cultural influences, the Portuguese language, buyer preferences, engineering standards or product regulations. Your pricing strategy needs to take into account market demand, competition and costs such as tariffs, custom fees and shipping and insurance.

Capital Requirements

Exporting to a new market can stretch budgets in any business so both short and long term financial planning is essential. As well as the basics such as product costs, shipping, insurance, etc, you may also need to look at potential capital expansion to meet the demands of the Brazilian market. Ensuring a plan is in place to address these items before you start is a sound way to prepare yourself and your business.

¹Purchasing power parity is a measurement of a currency's value based on the buying power within its own domestic economy.


Our know-how products:

Led Operating Light

If you are a Hospitalar Equipment manufacturer and you need consulting services about new product distribution in Brazil...

Orthopedic Implants

If you are an implant manufacturer and you need consulting services about new product distribution in Brazil...

Operating Table

We can help with a very interesting opportunity to clarify doubts and to obtain an advantage, all solutions in one single place....

Hospital Furniture

We hope to offer your company the opportunity to introduce your product in the Brazilian market...

Autoclave / Sterilizer

We help medical device manufacturers obtain regulatory approval from ANVISA...

Electric dialysis chair

Our consultants are also experienced in quality system audits and can help your company meet ANVISA regulations....

Surgical Instruments

If you are a Surgical Instruments manufacturer and you need consulting services about new product distribution in Brazil...

Infant Phototherapy Incubator

Foreign medical device manufacturers who do not have a physical location in Brazil must appoint a (BRH)...

Medical Monitor

Amaral & Cia Consulting is certified to act as a Brazilian Registration Holder....

Medical Pendant

Amaral & Cia provides qualified and experienced professionals who will take care of the whole bureaucratic processes....

Medical Imaging

We have a team that is eligible not only the settle the communication between your company and ANVISA...

Medical Pump

Our professionals are capable of making the GMP Certification viable, increasing substantially the chances of audit approval...

Orthopedic Implants

If you are an implant manufacturer and you need consulting services about new product distribution in Brazil...

Surgical Instruments

If you are a Surgical Instruments manufacturer and you need consulting services about new product distribution in Brazil...

Special Alloys

We developed and consolidated synergies with distributors and manufacturers to provide a bespoke service with quotes...


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