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Registration Holder Service for Medical Devices

Master Medical Device Distributor in BRAZIL


Custom Brokerage

AMC BRAZIL GROUP is made up of a team of highly-experienced customs brokers and entry writers.

Commercial Representation

We aim to assist companies involved in international trade, either in export or import, international logistics for release of foreign products in Brazilians market.

Market Analysis

Market assessment (an analysis of the major trends, competitors, and strategies for your industry);

Exporting to Brazil

If exporting to Brazil is a useful addition to your growth strategy, our specialized consultants will help


About us

AMC BRAZIL GROUP is a Brazilian company established to provide foreigners companies feasible options to expand their sales and create a market share in Brazil and South American countries...


ANVISA Consulting

With offices in Sao Paulo and Brasilia, we have helped many medical devices companies navigate the ANVISA regulatory process and start selling in Brazil. Here is how we can help...


Global Business & Regulatory Affairs consulting

Result, efficiency and transparency are the principles of AMC BRAZIL GROUP , company that was established to attend to specific needs of each customer, taking care and assisting within the bureaucracy created by the Brazilian government. AMC BRAZIL GROUP was born to be a company committed to make foreigner company´s lives easier and to translate Brazilian bureaucracy into a simpler and hassle-free language.

AMC BRAZIL GROUP is specialized in regulatory intelligence for licenses, products registration, logistics and distribution, leading the ranking of most competent companies in Brazil, obtaining a successful portfolio.

Our employees form a highly qualified multidisciplinary team with the capacity of attending and executing services in record time, and they are specialists in reducing the requirements of regulatory agencies and multiplying the chances of success regarding licenses, authorizations, and registrations.

The company policy is to be committed to the result, without losing quality in customer’s service during the execution of the work, and to always zeal for a good relationship.

We care dearly so that the doors opened never are closed, we are connected to the opportunities of bringing constant improvements to our customers.


Transform the bureaucratic regulatory language into a simpler and understandable language for our customers and partners, establishing effective communication between companies and regulatory agencies.


To be the best assistance and consultancy company in Brazil and worldwide, known by its customers, consumers and health professionals for making viable the access to products and innovative services that provide the best cost-benefit for the companies and therefor the best health and well-being for the whole Brazilian population.


Trustworthiness, Honesty, Fair Price and Quality of Services. Respect for its customers, partners and employees.


Medical Devices Services:

Medical Devices Registration

If you are a Hospitalar Equipment manufacturer and you need consulting services about new product distribution in Brazil...

Quality System

If you are an implant manufacturer and you need consulting services about new product distribution in Brazil...

Certification INMETRO/ANATEL

We can help with a very interesting opportunity to clarify doubts and to obtain an advantage, all solutions in one single place....

International Certifications and Licenses - CE/FDA

We hope to offer your company the opportunity to introduce your product in the Brazilian market...

Training in Company

We help medical device manufacturers obtain regulatory approval from ANVISA...

Risk Management and Usability Process

Our consultants are also experienced in quality system audits and can help your company meet ANVISA regulations....

Optimization of production process and administration

If you are a Surgical Instruments manufacturer and you need consulting services about new product distribution in Brazil...

European Representation

Foreign medical device manufacturers who do not have a physical location in Brazil must appoint a (BRH)...


Representation and distribution networking LATAM:



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Tower 2 - Osasco - São Paulo - Brazil
Zip.: 06010-170 - Phone: ( 55-11) 4384-2494